Where in Podcasts Connect can I change my show's metadata or artwork?

These changes are made directly in your RSS feed. An RSS feed contains all the metadata, artwork and episode content of the show and determines how it's displayed on Apple Podcasts.

Most hosting providers can help you update your show's RSS feed.

How do I update the audio or metadata of an episode I've already published?

These changes are also made directly on your RSS feed. Specific to updating episodes, make sure the original episode GUIDs are maintained and do not change.

What is a GUID?

Globally unique identifiers (GUID) are case-sensitive strings. Apple Podcasts compares episodes in a case-sensitive manner to determine and identify new content.

Apple recommends assigning an alpha-numeric identifier instead of the URL where the episode's asset is hosted as the latter may change. For example, 

<enclosure length="498537" type="audio/mpeg" url="https://example.com/podcasts/hikingtreks/Episode1.mp3"/><guid>aae20190418</guid>

It's very important for each episode to have a unique GUID and that never changes. Failing to comply with these guidelines may result in duplicate episodes being shown to listeners, misrepresentation of data in Podcast Analytics, and may ultimately affect your show's status on Apple Podcasts.

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