What Is a Podcast?

Podcasts are usually original audio shows, consisting of individual episodes on a variety of topics. Millions of people around the world can enjoy them anytime and any place. For example, listen on the go while commuting or at home preparing dinner. For creators like you, podcasts are a great way to reach a wide audience.

From a technical perspective, a podcast exists in an RSS feed, which is an XML file hosted by a third party independent of Apple, that contains all the metadata, artwork, and episode content of the show. An RSS feed also determines how the show will display on Apple Podcasts. Learn more about podcast RSS feeds.

What is podcast metadata?

Metadata is the information that describes your podcast. Some things, like the title and author name, you probably already know. Others, like description and category, should be carefully considered from the perspective of a listener. Providing accurate metadata helps your show appear in relevant user searches.

What is Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is the world's largest platform for podcast discovery and listening with over one million shows across a broad variety of categories and subcategories. It's available in 175 countries and regions with content in more than 100 languages and on the following devices and platforms:

What is Podcasts Connect?

Podcasts Connect is the web portal where anyone can submit an RSS feed to get their show on Apple Podcasts. Podcasts Connect also allows content creators to manage and monitor their shows, gain insight into how users are listening to them, download reports, and more.

To access Podcasts Connect, all you need is an Apple ID that is activated on the iTunes Store. Learn how to create an Apple ID and how to activate it.

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