Download Podcast Analytics Data and Introduce Your Listeners to Siri

January 31, 2019

Download Podcast Analytics Data

Podcast Analytics now offers the option to download your show and episode data. Look for the Download button under the date control in the upper-right corner. Remember, you will only see shows displayed that are associated with the Apple ID used to sign in.

Introduce Your Listeners to Siri 

Siri can help listeners find and subscribe to your show in Apple Podcasts, so spread the word on your website, in your newsletter, and wherever else you communicate with your audience. For example, to find your show, encourage them to say things like:

  • “Play [show name].”
  • “Play my newest podcasts.”
  • “Play the first episode of [show name].” 

Listeners can also ask Siri for information about the podcast that is currently playing and request to be subscribed. For example:

  • “What podcast is this?”
  • “Subscribe to this show.”

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