iTunes U Collections Migrating to Apple Podcasts

August 28, 2017

Starting in September, iTunes U collections will be automatically migrated to Apple Podcasts. Once your iTunes U collections have moved over to Apple Podcasts, they will appear like other podcasts.

Prepare Your Content To prepare your collections to move from iTunes U to Apple Podcasts, review your existing collections and remove any outdated content. There is no action on your part required for the actual migration.

Manage Your Collections in Apple Podcasts To ensure that students can find your content in Apple Podcasts, make sure your podcasts are publicly accessible. Keep in mind that podcasts that are hidden in Site Manager will not appear in Apple Podcasts. Title your podcasts and podcast episodes appropriately so they are discoverable in Apple Podcasts. Collections will also be available as podcasts on Apple TV.

Your collections will appear in search results, charts, and on category pages alongside other podcasts. If your organization currently has both podcasts and iTunes U collections, you can combine podcast provider pages by contacting us.

If you have duplicate content between your podcasts and iTunes U collections, you can hide the duplicates in Site Manager. Select the collection or podcast you would like to hide, then click Hide. After you publish the changes, Apple Podcasts will update in 24 hours.

Host Your Own Podcasts Once the transition to Apple Podcasts is complete, you will no longer be able to add new Apple-hosted collections. You will be able to add to your existing collections until next summer. Keep in mind that in Apple Podcasts, long-form audio is significantly more popular than video. For more help with hosting your own podcasts, see Apple Podcast Partners to find a recommended vendor.

Additional Migration Details Your track links will remain the same, and collections that are included in courses will be redirected. Your user subscriptions will be updated automatically and you will still have historic reporting. Once your collections are migrated to Apple Podcasts, you will get a new Site Manager account just for podcasts.

The category of your collection will change from the iTunes U category to map to existing categories in the Apple Podcasts directory. Your iTunes U provider page will become an Apple Podcasts provider page.

On Apple Podcasts, EPUB files are not readable. Any EPUB files you have will need to be converted to PDFs or added to iBooks.

Migrate to RSS Feed Delivery If you are interested in switching to RSS feed delivery, you can see Apple Podcast Partners to find partners that offer RSS feed auto-ingestion.

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