May 30, 2024

Introducing the Apple Music Partner Program

We are excited to announce the Apple Music Partner Program, the most all-encompassing suite of web tools and API services that Apple Music has ever offered record labels and music distributors. These seven new features include everything you need to stay ahead in today's music industry, whether you're breaking and developing artists, leading marketing campaigns, or making A&R decisions.

Create fully custom airplay reports with data from more than 40,000 radio stations worldwide. Dive deeper into the Apple Music Charts, with chart depths of up to 1500, delivered in near-real time. Monitor real-time listener counts for your content down to the minute, and browse the information of over 100 million recordings to quickly visualize the relationships among recordings, performers, and works.

Plus, participating partners get access to a dedicated premier Apple Music support team designed to provide timely responses for all your content and data needs. Whether you need help setting up your music APIs, updating an artist’s Apple Music profile, or delivering content, our dedicated Apple Music support team is here for priority responses.

For more information, visit the Apple Music Partner Program page.