iTunes Connect, Delivery

iTunes Connect email notifications for transactional content

Users can opt in to receive email notifications from iTunes Connect. We strongly recommend opting in to all notifications that are relevant to your role. If you’re an Admin, you can edit notifications for other users.

Updating notification preferences

You can manage your own email notification preferences on the Notifications page in the Users and Roles section in iTunes Connect. An Admin can manage these preferences for others.

  1. In iTunes Connect, click Users and Roles.
  2. Click the Apple ID of the user whose notification settings you wish to modify.
  3. In the Notifications section, select the notifications and applicable territories.

Notification descriptions

  • Content: Receive an email to check the quality control status of your content.
  • Agreements: Receive an email with contract status updates (for example, contract expiration warnings) or if more contract information is needed.
  • Financial Reports: Receive an email if your financial status changes.
  • Payments: Receive an email if payments to your bank are returned.
  • Pre-order Reports: Receive an email if movie assets are missing for assetless pre-orders. These alerts will be sent eight, five, and three days prior to the pre-order release date.
  • TV Notifications: Receive an email when a TV season has all episodes delivered (mark complete request).
  • Failed Upload Reports: Receive an email when your content fails to upload.
  • Weekly Upload Reports: Receive an email for content that has been uploaded during the week.
  • Tax Invoices: Receive an email if a new tax invoice becomes available or the status of your invoice changes.