Artwork & Metadata Requirements, Delivery, Regional Information

Minimum storefront requirements for transactional movie content

To improve the quality of the content, certain territories must meet a set of minimum requirements for movies.

To meet the minimum requirements, new movie deliveries must have at least one of the following assets tagged (using the <locale> tag) with the language specified in the table below for both the full asset and preview:

  • Original audio or alternate audio
  • Full subtitles (.itt)
  • Burned-in subtitles
Territories/Countries/Regions Language (specified in <locale> tag)
U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand Any English (en-**)1
Austria German (de, de-DE, de-LU, de-AT, de-LI, de-BE, and de-IT)
Bahrain Arabic (ar-**)1
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)
Canada Any English (en-**)1 or any French (fr-**)1
Egypt Arabic (ar-**)1
France Parisian French (fr-FR) or OSL Canadian French (fr-CA)5
Germany German (de, de-DE, de-LU, de-AT, de-LI, de-BE, and de-IT)
Hong Kong4 Cantonese Audio (yue), Cantonese Subtitles (yue-Hant), or Traditional Chinese Subtitles (cmn-Hant)
Italy Any Italian (it-**)1
Japan4 Japanese (ja-**)1
Jordan Arabic (ar-**)1
Korea4 Korean (ko)
Latin America2 and Mexico Latin American Spanish (es-419), Mexican Spanish (es-MX), or OSL Spanish (es-**)1,5
Lebanon Arabic (ar-**)1
Macau4 Cantonese Audio (yue), Cantonese Subtitles (yue-Hant), or Traditional Chinese Subtitles (cmn-Hant)
Netherlands Any Dutch (nl-**)1
Oman Arabic (ar-**)1
Qatar Arabic (ar-**)1
Russia3,4 Any Russian (ru-**)1
Saudi Arabia Arabic (ar-**)1
Spain Castilian Spanish (es-ES) or OSL Spanish (es-**)1,5
Taiwan4 Mandarin Audio (cmn) or Traditional Chinese Subtitles (cmn-Hant)
Thailand4 Thai (th-**)1
Türkiye3,4 Any Turkish (tr-**)1
United Arab Emirates Arabic (ar-**)1

1The two asterisks (**) are placeholders for a region subtag and indicate that assets with the specified language subtag and any region subtag (or no region subtag) will satisfy minimum storefront requirements. For example, if fr-** is required, that requirement can be fulfilled by fr, fr-FR, or fr-CA.

2Latin America includes Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

3The minimum requirements for this country cannot be overridden by your Apple Technical Representative.

4Additional minimum requirements: Poster art supplied with localized title, as well as localized Title and Synopsis.

5The minimum storefront requirement can be fulfilled in a territory if both the Original Spoken Locale (OSL) language and audio is provided in the specified language.

In the territories/countries/regions listed in the table above, content that does not meet the requirements will not be available in the Apple TV app. If a film does not meet the territory, country, or region minimum requirements, you will see a notification on the film’s summary page and the Rights and Pricing page on iTunes Connect.

If your content does not meet the minimum requirements for a territory, country, or region, but you still want to make your content available, contact your Apple Technical Representative (Russia and Türkiye excluded).

For requirements on artwork and metadata, see the Apple Transactional Movies Style Guide.