iTunes Connect

Payment and financial reports basics for transactional content

Users with Admin or Finance roles can access payments and financial reports in iTunes Connect. Payments and financial reports provide finalized data for monthly earnings, amounts owed, and payments made to you. The data is based on Apple’s fiscal calendar. Detailed information is available in the Payments and Financial Reports Guide.

Financial reports are distributed once a month and are available for download through Payments and Financial Reports in iTunes Connect. Financial reports for the previous month’s earnings are available in iTunes Connect by the end of the current fiscal month. To receive emails when new financial reports are available, users can opt in to Financial Reports notifications. Note that only Admin or Finance users will be able to access the reports.

Downloading financial reports

  1. Go to Payments and Financial Reports in iTunes Connect.
  2. Click Create Reports.
  3. Select the fiscal month for the report you would like to download.
  4. Select which countries or regions you would like to include in your report. By default, this is set to All Countries or Regions (Multiple Files). When All Countries or Regions is selected, an iTunes Connect user can only download the reports for which they have access.
  5. If prompted, select the report types you would like to include.
  6. Click Create Reports. A status bar will display showing progress of your reports being created.
  7. When reports are ready, a download link will be provided. Click Download Reports.

If you are using macOS, the reports will be downloaded and opened automatically.

If you are using Microsoft Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Click Download Reports. Your browser will ask you whether it should open or save the report.
  2. Click the Save button when the dialog appears.
  3. Once you download the file (xxx.txt.gz), double-click and WinZip should extract it. Once extracted you will have a tab-delimited text file (xxx.txt). If your system does not know how to open the file, it will present you with a dialog and a list of applications to choose from. You should select WinZip or anything equivalent to WinZip to extract the file.
  4. Launch Excel.
  5. Go to File > Open then select the file. The Import Wizard will start.
  6. In the Original data type box, select Delimited and click Next.
  7. In the Delimiters box, select Tab and click Next.
  8. Select the column that has UPC, ISRC, Vendor Identifier by holding the Shift key and clicking the columns. Next, select Text in the top right-hand box labeled Column Data Format. The label above those three columns will change from General to Text. Click Finish.
  9. Once the file has opened, save the file as an Excel Workbook.

Download financial reports using Reporter

Reporter is a command-line tool that helps you automate report downloads without using iTunes Connect. Reporter can be used for both sales and financial reports. To learn more, check out the Reporter User Guide.

Reading your reports

Financial reports present groups of transactions, displayed in distinct rows. Each row represents a unique combination of a transaction type (product type identifier), price (proceeds/customer price), store, sale or return, and promo (if applicable). Each of the columns references different aspects of a group of transactions. The columns presented are detailed in the Payments and Financial Reports Guide.

Additionally, you can see:

  • Countries or regions: To view the countries or regions covered by each report, hover over the respective country or region.
  • Currencies: There is a single currency for earnings associated with each financial report. You can see the currencies associated with each financial report on the left side of Payments and Financial Reports in iTunes Connect.
  • Types of transactions: Reports only include paid transactions. To obtain free transaction reporting, view daily and weekly reporting in Sales and Trends in iTunes Connect.

Financial report troubleshooting

Why am I not receiving financial report notifications?

Notification that a new financial report is available for download is emailed to iTunes Connect users who have elected to receive Financial Report Type notification emails for the corresponding country or region. All users can modify their notification selections in Users and Roles, but only Admin users can make changes on behalf of another user.

If financial reports are available for your account and you have not been receiving the related email notifications, confirm that your email address is entered accurately in iTunes Connect and that your user profile is set up to receive financial report notifications. If these details are correct, check your email client or spam filter and ensure the email address is not blocked.

Why am I missing my financial report for a particular month?

If nothing was purchased in a region during a month, no corresponding report for that region will be generated for download on iTunes Connect.

How can I download my financial reports if I have multiple providers linked to my Apple ID on iTunes Connect?

You can still download all financial reports for these providers if you have the Admin or Finance role. Simply choose a different provider from the menu in Payments and Financial Reports and on other pages of iTunes Connect. To download your reports without using iTunes Connect, use the command-line tool, Reporter.