Apple TV app overview

The Apple TV app allows viewers to discover and track content across integrated subscription video services, Apple TV+, channels subscriptions, and transactional content. Apple TV+, channels, and purchased content play back directly within the app and display viewing progress and newly released episodes in the Up Next section.

In the Apple TV app, there are dedicated pages for every movie and TV show, complete with a How to Watch section that presents all partners in a given market that have that content available for purchase or streaming. Viewers are directed to the playback option they already have access to.

Some Apple TV app markets also have live sports and news within the Apple TV app. These features allow viewers to quickly get to the live news channels or sporting events they’re most interested in watching.

The Apple TV app contains content from the following types of services:

  • Universal Search: A search and discovery service that surfaces available content on the Apple TV app and directs viewers to where they can watch content.
  • Video app integrations: A video app service where content is discoverable using Universal Search on the Apple TV app and viewing progress is tracked in the Up Next section.
  • Channels: A subscription service where content is discoverable using Universal Search and viewers can play back content directly within the Apple TV app.
  • Purchased content: A service that displays and plays all video purchases from the Store directly on the Apple TV app.
  • Rented movies: A service that plays short-term movie rentals purchased from the Store.

Apple TV app territories

For a full list of where Apple TV video app integrations, channels, transactional, and Universal Search services are available, work with your Apple Video Business representative.