Set up Transporter

Transporter is a command-line tool used to deliver and manage your transactional content. You can install and run Transporter on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. 

Install Transporter

To install Transporter, select the appropriate operating system from the Install Transporter section of the Transporter User Guide. Complete system and network requirements can be reviewed in the Get Started section of the Transporter User Guide. 

Transporter offers the HTTP, Signiant, and Aspera delivery methods for uploads. If you have outbound and inbound firewall rules, you must open the required ports. HTTP is preferred, but as a best practice, we recommend setting up your system with all delivery methods. 

Set up a Transporter account

If you need a Transporter account, first create an Apple ID. This will be your Transporter username. The Apple ID should be a group email address with your company domain. If your Apple ID uses two-step verification, you’ll also need to generate an app-specific password that will be required when you sign in to Transporter. Share your Transporter username with your Apple Technical Partner Representative so we can create your Transporter account.

New encoding houses must be qualified to deliver to Apple before they can set up a Transporter account.