Delivery, Regional Information

Territory exclusions for transactional movie content

The <territory_exclusions> tag can be used to exclude assets from particular territories. For example, you can exclude French audio from your movie offering in Canada if you do not have distribution rights in Canada, and leave the rest of your worldwide offerings untouched.

You can exclude the following components:

  • Alternate audio: data_file role="audio"
  • 7.1 surround audio: data_file role="audio.7_1"
  • Full subtitles: data_file role="subtitles"
  • Audio embedded in the source video: data_file role="source"

You cannot exclude the following components:

  • Closed captions: data_file role="captions"
  • Dub card video: data_file role="video.end.dub_credits"
  • Forced subtitles: data_file role="forced_subtitles"
  • Audio Description (AD): data_file role="audio.visually_impaired"
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing: data_file role="subtitles.hearing_impaired"

The following shows a snippet of the <assets> block. For a full example, see the Multiple-Language Film Metadata Example. In the example below, the delivery includes English and German subtitles. The provider does not have the rights to the German subtitles in France, Canada, or Brazil, so three territory exclusions on the German subtitles are sent for these countries. For France, the exclusion ends on a certain date, which is indicated using the territory_exclusion end_date attribute.

. . .
            . . .
            <asset type="full">
                <!-- Subtitles -->
                <data_file role="subtitles">
                    <locale name="en-US"/>
                    <checksum type="md5">9df86c3e43e7b43ddeabb2ddfe4b8a42</checksum>
                <data_file role="subtitles">
                    <locale name="de-DE"/>
                    <checksum type="md5">3e7b43d9df86c3e4e4b8a42deabb2ddf</checksum>
                        <territory_exclusion end_date="2023-02-02">FR</territory_exclusion>
. . .

Keep the following in mind when delivering exclusions:

  • Specify component exclusions on a per-country/region basis using the <territory_exclusions> block. Include as many territories within the <territory_exclusions> block as needed for the component.
  • Specify exclusions for a component that has already been delivered if the movie is not yet live in the territory. If a movie is already live, add exclusions the first time a component is delivered.
  • Optionally, indicate that a particular exclusion for a territory should end on a specific date.
  • Remove territory exclusions at any time. See Removing Territory Exclusions for more information.