November 17, 2022

iTunes Package Film Specification, tool updates, and rating requirements

Here are a few updates about tools and specifications to help you manage your video content.

iTunes Package Film Specification 5.3.12

Along with Dolby Vision and HDR10, the Apple TV app now plays HDR10+ on supported devices and displays. No additional HDR metadata is required or can be submitted to create this format.

A new tag has been added to allow you to change the date of when a title’s sales start date shows in the Apple TV App or iTunes Store. With <release_date_suppression_lift_date> you can specify when the sales start date will display during the pre-order window. When specified, the sales start date will be suppressed until the lift date and it must be before the sales start date.

Parallax Exporter

Make sure to download the latest version of Parallax Exporter, which has been updated with a new plug-in.

Brazil ratings requirement

Included in the most recent updates to the iTunes ratings addendum is the addition of self-rated ratings for Brazil. The Secretary of National Justice (NSJ) requires that all new self-rated content be rated with the new “A” ratings by January 26, 2023. In addition, the NSJ also requires that any catalog content that has already been made available in Brazil be re-rated with the new “A” ratings by July 27, 2023.

Unrated and Not Rated

If allowed in your specific territory and no official rating is available for your movie, Unrated or Not Rated must be used. Not Rated movies are accessible to all audiences, such as rated G movies. Not Rated content is not restricted by Parental Control settings. Unrated content is restricted by all Parental Control settings, such as rated R movies. If the movie has not been rated and contains any content that could be considered explicit, the rating must be Unrated.