Getting started

iTunes Connect Movies User Guide

How to set up, deliver, and manage your movie content.

iTunes TV User Guide

Understand how to set up, deliver, and manage your TV shows and episodes.

Preparing Movies and TV Shows

Apple Transactional Film Rating Codes

Review required film ratings by country or region.

Apple Transactional Film Specification

Learn how to use XML specifications for film content.

Apple Transactional Movies Style Guide

Find out how to prepare your movie content, including details about data standards, conventions, and style requirements.

Apple Transactional TV Specification

Learn how to use XML specifications for TV packages.

Apple Video and Audio Asset Guide

Learn how to create and deliver music, TV, and film assets.

iTunes Extras Package Specification

Learn about formatting and delivery information for movies with iTunes Extras.

iTunes Extras Best Practices Guide

Use this guide to help create outstanding Extras content for movies, such as bonus features, interviews, or director commentary.

iTunes Store TV Data Standards and Style Guide

Learn how to set up, deliver, and manage metadata for your TV shows and episodes.
Delivering Movies and TV Shows

Apple Partner Media Review

View your video assets before they go live on the Apple TV app with Apple Partner Media Review.

Parallax Previewer User Guide

Parallax Previewer is a tool for previewing layered images created for Apple TV to ensure images appear with the expected 3D effect.

Schema Validation Guide

How to validate metadata XML files using Relax NG schemas.

Transporter User Guide

Review the technical requirements and modes for Transporter, a command-line tool used to upload and manage Apple TV content.

Transactional Artwork Specifications

Understand the guidelines for creating and submitting artwork to Apple TV.
Using iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide

Learn how to access and read reports that detail your monthly earnings, amounts owed, and payments made to you.

iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide

Track the performance of your content and measure sales trends over time.

Reporter User Guide

Learn how to use the command-line tool Reporter to download sales and financial reports.