What are the tools I need to create and deliver TV content?

You can find all of the available tools including Parallax Previewer, Parallax Exporter, and Transporter in the Tools section. You must be signed in to iTunes Connect in order to download Transporter.

How do I deliver a test file?

Take these steps:

  1. Use Transporter to deliver the test file to testtvprovider and use TEST_CONTAINER_ID as the container ID.
  2. Include the vendor ID or full Transporter log with test file details.
  3. After uploading a test file, submit a review request.

Keep in mind the following conditions for test files:

  • All test deliveries must be preapproved by your iTunes Technical Representative.
  • Test files delivered on external disk drives or via FTP are not accepted.
  • Test files are only accepted for the following:
    • Scheduled HD backfill
    • Assistance with troubleshooting workflow issues

How do I deliver specially priced or free episodes?

Metadata for specially priced or free episodes must be delivered by the Monday of the week before your launch date. When you deliver the episode asset, remove the product block entirely from the metadata. The product block is the part of the metadata XML that begins with <product> and ends with </product>.

If you need to redeliver the episode, make sure the redelivered XML also has the product block removed to ensure proper pricing of your content.

How do I troubleshoot network issues when delivering a package to iTunes?

Take the following steps:

  1. Go to Resources and Help to get the latest version of Transporter.
  2. Make sure all of the ports and IP addresses used by Transporter are allowed in your firewall or other routing equipment. You'll find this information in the Transporter User Guide, available in Resources and Help.
  3. Use Diagnostic Mode as described in the Transporter User Guide. If the diagnostics fail, Transporter will report the reason for the failure.
  4. If you're still unable to deliver your content, let us know.

How do I make an episode season-only?

You can set an episode to be season-only in Rights and Pricing in My TV Shows. You can also include a <bundle_only> tag, with a value of "true" in the product block of the XML.

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