What is iTunes Connect?

iTunes Connect is where you manage your iTunes Store content, see your sales reports, manage your iTunes Connect users, and more. Have questions? Let us know.

How can I offer my content on iTunes?

To offer your content on iTunes, complete the application.

How does a user log in for the first time?

If you are logging into iTunes Connect for the first time, here are the steps you will go through:

  1. You will be sent an email to verify your email address is correct. The existing iTunes Connect user who created your account within Users and Roles is the person responsible for entering your email address for your account into iTunes Connect.
  2. Once you click through your verification email, you will be led to iTunes Connect to create your password.
  3. You will be asked to provide your date of birth as well as a secret question and answer for security purposes. This information will allow you to reset your password in the future.
  4. Next, you will be presented with iTunes Connect Terms of Service and will be asked to agree to these terms. Click Accept Terms to proceed.
  5. After agreeing to the iTunes Terms of Service, you will be directed to the iTunes Connect home page.

Why do I have two iTunes Connect accounts?

If your company provides more than one asset type (for example, films and apps) you may have more than one iTunes Connect account. When signing in to iTunes Connect, use the iTunes Connect sign-in for the type of media you need to view or modify.

Do I need an Apple ID to offer my content on iTunes?

Yes, you must have an Apple ID and a current credit card on file with the iTunes Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one using iTunes.

How much does it cost to sign-up to offer my content on iTunes?

Signing up to offer your content on iTunes is free. Additional details on the sales terms are available during the sign-up process.

Do I need a U.S. Tax ID?

Yes, a U.S. Tax ID is required as part of the iTunes Connect sign-up and authentication process. This requirement also applies to providers not based in the U.S. Request a U.S. Tax ID.

Be sure to enter your U.S. Tax ID correctly when applying. If you are prompted to complete U.S. tax forms on iTunes Connect, you must use the same U.S. Tax ID.

I get an error message that my name does not match the name for the Apple ID. What do I do?

Make sure that you have entered the correct Apple ID. To edit the name associated with your Apple ID, go to appleid.apple.com.

I already have an iTunes Connect account for another media type (such as apps, books, music, or movies). Can I use it to offer TV content?

If you currently have an iTunes Connect account to offer apps or books, you must create a new iTunes Connect account with a different Apple ID.

If you currently have an iTunes Connect account to offer music, music videos, or movies, or if you have an Apple ID that you used to apply to offer music, music videos, or movies on iTunes and the application is pending approval, you can use that Apple ID to complete the TV application.

Who should apply to offer content on iTunes on behalf of my company?

Someone with the legal authority to sign documents on behalf of your company should apply to offer content on iTunes. Only that individual can accept the standard iTunes contract on iTunes Connect.

Should I use my own name or my company's name as the legal name?

If you’re registered as a company, enter the legal entity name. If you’re signing up as an individual, enter your first and last name. The legal name you enter should match the name associated with your U.S. Tax ID and Tax ID type that you provide with your application.

How will I be notified of my application status?

You will be notified via email. Make sure your account is set up to receive email from do_not_reply@apple.com and check any spam filters on your email account.

If my application is accepted, in what countries or regions will my content be available?

After your application has been accepted, you can request contracts for all countries or regions in which the iTunes Store offers TV content. When a contract for a specific country or region has been finalized and all other requirements have been met, TV content that has been delivered with territory rights cleared in that region may be made available there.

When will our content begin appearing in the iTunes Stores?

For content to appear in the iTunes Stores for any territory, you must have a contract that has completed processing, and is "In Effect", for that territory. The content must be uploaded to iTunes, cleared for sale in that territory and have completed the standard quality assurance review.

Can I work directly with Apple or should I use an aggregator?

Aggregators are experts in delivering content to iTunes. For a fee, they can correctly format and deliver your content to Apple’s specifications. View Apple-approved aggregators.

If you meet all application requirements, you can sign up to offer your content by working directly with Apple. If you don’t meet the requirements or if you have other operational or financial needs, it may be best to work with an aggregator.

What can I do on iTunes Connect?

iTunes Connect supports different features for different products. Depending on the icons presented to you on your iTunes Connect homepage, you may be able to do the following:

  • Users and Roles: assign profiles (Admin, Technical, Finance) which govern what access is available to your iTunes Connect users, control which reports are sent to your iTunes Connect users, change email addresses associated with users, and add new or delete current users.
  • Resources and Help: Prepare your content for delivery to iTunes.
  • Agreements, Tax, and Banking: check the status of current contracts, request new contracts or contract amendments, and provide financial information required to complete contract processing.
  • Payments and Financial Reports: view and download your monthly financial reports and payments
  • My TV Shows: search the iTunes Connect system to see the status of your content in the iTunes Store or to make any changes to your content by filing a ticket to the iTunes team.
  • Catalog Reports: request a report of the content that you have sent to iTunes containing valuable territory and other information.
  • FAQs: Looking for an answer to your question? Visit our most commonly asked questions.
  • Tickets: You can use our ticketing system to manage and monitor your tickets. You can also file a ticket to update audio, metadata or cover art for your content in My TV Shows.

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