How do I check my content status to stay on schedule for my sales start date?

You can check the status of your content in My TV Shows. Allow at least 24 hours after delivery for your content to appear on iTunes Connect.

You can also check the status of all of your content at once in Catalog Reports.

What does each content status mean?

The possible statuses are:

  • On Store: The content is available on the iTunes Store.
  • Ready for Store: The content is ready for release on the set sales start date.
  • Not on Store: The content isn't available on the iTunes Store.

Note that if a season is in any state other than On Store, episodes in that season won't be available.

For additional status information, click See Details in My TV Shows. Territory-specific status information will appear at the bottom of the page.

How do I ensure all episodes in the currently airing season are available on the iTunes Store the day after they air?

After a season launch, each episode automatically goes live on the iTunes Store. A standardized and weekly updated schedule is required to accurately track episodes and sales start dates. To obtain the schedule template, use Contact Us on iTunes Connect. You can also track the episode status in My TV Shows.

My TV content is available for sale on the iTunes Store without my permission.

If you believe content for which you hold rights is available on the iTunes Store without proper authorization, contact us.

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