How do I mark my TV season complete?

To mark your TV season complete, search for your season in My TV Shows. In Rights & Pricing, click Mark Complete.

The Mark Complete button won't appear if:

  • The number of SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) episodes available does not match the number of episodes created.
  • The number of available SD episodes does not match the number of available HD episodes.
  • Not all episodes are cleared for sale.
  • Not all episodes are available for sale.
  • Not all video assets have been delivered.

Note: You can cancel your request up to three days after you mark the season complete.

What is Season Pass?

Season Pass lets customers pay in advance for all episodes of a currently-airing season. This includes episodes already available on the iTunes Store, as well as episodes that have not yet aired. Season Pass can only be offered at a discount.

Season Pass is not available for library seasons. Instead, a “season price” is the price of a season after you've marked it complete.

What is a Multi-Pass?

Multi-Pass is an option for customers to purchase TV shows from the iTunes Store. Customers can download the most recent episode immediately and future episodes will download as they become available, up to a pre-determined date. Multi-Pass is designed for shows that are ongoing and don't have traditional “seasons.” Multi-Pass is not available for previously aired content.

To set up a Multi-Pass, contact your iTunes Business Representative.

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