How do I edit container positions?

Container positions can be edited in iTunes Connect on the Episodes tab by dragging to re-order or on the Episode metadata tab by entering the new container positions. Container positions can also be edited through an XML redelivery. Note that duplicate container positions are not allowed.

How do I change my episode preview?

Preview start times can be updated in iTunes Connect or through an XML redelivery. Preview start times should be used to ensure that all previews in a series contain individual episode-specific content excluding title sequences, previous episode synopses, or promotional material.

Can I change the locale value of my video assets?

Yes. To change the locale value of your assets, you must first remove the asset with the previous locale value, and then redeliver the asset with the new locale value.

To remove the asset, set the attribute <remove> to "true" in the source data block of the XML. To re-deliver the asset with the correct locale, include another data file element block. In both blocks, the locale, role, filename, size, and checksum elements are required.

How do I change metadata after submitting it?

You can change season and episode metadata in My TV Shows.

How do I redeliver video assets?

Just redeliver the assets you want to replace. You can reencode and redeliver assets at any time. Use the same vendor ID you used for initial delivery.

When you redeliver your video assets, generate a new MD5 checksum and include it in the metadata. If an existing asset is in HD, the redelivered asset must also be in HD.

Redelivered assets will automatically overwrite the content currently for sale on the iTunes Store. Allow time for processing before the new assets become available, just as you would when delivering assets for the first time.

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