How do I receive QC notifications?

If you wish to receive TV QC notifications, enable Content notifications in Manage Users.

How do I receive Newsletters from iTunes?

If you have an iTunes Connect account, you will receive all Newsletters for your content type.

How do I obtain reports listing my content on iTunes?

Click on the Catalog Reports section from your iTunes Connect home page. Select the type of report you wish to receive. When the report has been processed and is available to download from iTunes Connect, you will be notified via email. You are only allowed to request one catalog report of each type per 24 hours for your content provider. The reports you request will remain available on iTunes Connect for 30 days.

How do I remove TV content from the iTunes Store?

To remove a season or episode permanently from the iTunes Store, uncheck Cleared for Sale in My TV Shows. Let us know beforehand.

To remove episodes temporarily from seasons that don't have an active season pass, set an episode sales date in the future instead.

Where can I find my season or episode Apple ID?

You can see your season or episode Apple IDs in My TV Shows, at the top of every season or episode page.

Also, Catalog Reports include the TV season's and episode's Apple ID.

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