When will I get paid?

Payments are made no later than thirty (30) days following the end of each monthly period. To receive payment, you must have provided all required banking and tax information and documentation, as well as meet the minimum payment threshold.

Before payment can be sent to your bank, your account must meet the minimum payment threshold. If your bank territory and bank account currency is listed in the table below, you must exceed the minimum payment threshold listed. All other bank territories and bank account currencies must exceed a minimum payment threshold of US$40.

Bank Country Bank Account Currency Minimum Payment in USD
Andorra (AD) EUR $0.02
United Arab Emirates (the) (AE) AED $0.02
Austria (AT) EUR $0.02
Australia (AU) AUD $0.02
Azerbaijan (AZ) EUR $0.02
Belgium (BE) EUR $0.02
Bulgaria (BG) EUR $0.02
Brazil (BR) BRL $0.02
Canada (CA) CAD $0.02
Cocos, Keeling Islands (CC) EUR $0.02
Switzerland (CH) CHF $0.02
Switzerland (CH) EUR $0.02
Colombia (CO) COP $100.00
Cyprus, Republic of (CY) EUR $0.02
Czech Republic (CZ) EUR $0.02
Czech Republic (CZ) CZK $0.02
Germany (DE) EUR $0.02
Denmark (DK) EUR $0.02
Estonia (EE) EUR $0.02
Spain (ES) EUR $0.02
Finland (FI) EUR $0.02
France (FR) EUR $0.02
United Kingdom (GB) EUR $0.02
United Kingdom (GB) GBP $0.02
French Guiana (GF) EUR $0.02
Guadeloupe (GP) EUR $0.02
Greece (GR) EUR $0.02
Hong Kong (HK) HKD $0.02
Hungary (HU) EUR $0.02
Hungary (HU) HUF $0.02
Indonesia (ID) IDR $0.02
Ireland (IE) EUR $0.02
India (IN) INR $0.02
Iceland (IS) EUR $0.02
Italy (IT) EUR $0.02
Japan (JP) JPY $0.02
Korea (the Republic of) (KR) KRW $1.00
Liechtenstein (LI) EUR $0.02
Sri Lanka (LK) LKR $5.00
Lithuania (LT) EUR $0.02
Luxembourg (LU) EUR $0.02
Monaco (MC) EUR $0.02
Montenegro (ME) EUR $0.02
Myanmar (MM) EUR $0.02
Martinique (MQ) EUR $0.02
Malta (MT) EUR $0.02
Malaysia (MY) MYR $0.02
Nicaragua (NI) NIO $90.00
Netherlands (NL) EUR $0.02
Norway (NO) EUR $0.02
New Zealand (NZ) NZD $0.02
Philippines (PH) PHP $0.02
Poland (PL) EUR $0.02
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (PM) EUR $0.02
Portugal (PT) EUR $0.02
Réunion (RE) EUR $0.02
Romania (RO) EUR $0.02
Sweden (SE) EUR $0.02
Singapore (SG) SGD $0.02
Slovenia (SI) EUR $0.02
Slovak Republic (SK) EUR $0.02
San Marino (SM) EUR $0.02
Thailand (TH) THB $10.00
Uganda (UG) UGX $20.00
United States (US) USD $0.02
The Holy See (Vatican City) (VA) EUR $0.02
Mayotte (YT) EUR $0.02

What are the payment dates?

The payment date is the date the payment leaves Apple's bank. Your bank may or may not credit those funds to you on the same day.

We present the payment date in Payments and Financial Reports. For past payments, we display the value as "Paid." For any scheduled future payments, we display the date as the "Expected Payment Date."

How are payments made?

All payments are made by Electronic Funds Transfer. When available, payments are sent by low value ACH, as opposed to high value wire transfer.

Apple's bank will consolidate payments for different financial reports when possible, generally resulting in a single payment for all earnings each month the requirements for being paid have been met.

What is an ACH payment?

The term "ACH" (Automated Clearing House) payments is used in reference to low value payments. You can view the payment method used for a particular payment to you on the Payment Page in Payments and Financial Reports.

Can I get paid if my contract is not fully processed and activated?

Without an In Effect contract, you will not have any earnings. Sign the relevant contract(s) and supply banking information and all applicable tax information as early as possible. There is some processing required by Apple so your agreement will not be activated immediately. We suggest taking these steps as soon as possible, even while in the process of preparing your content for delivery.

Are payments made before my financial information is complete?

No. Payments can only be made after all required documentation has been received and your contract is In Effect. If the required banking and tax information is incomplete, or has not been received by Apple, payments cannot be made.

You can review the processing status of your agreement in Agreements, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.

Can I split payments for my sales?

Apple accepts one bank account per Financial Report currency and makes one payment to that account during each monthly payment cycle if all requirements for payment have been met.

What is the exchange rate applied to my payments?

The exchange rates used to convert report currency to your bank account currency is established by our bank and, due to Apple's volume, is generally a more favorable rate. The rates are typically the spot rate on the date of payment and no more than three business days prior to the date the proceeds are received into your account.

The exchange rate used to convert each report currency to the currency of your bank account is displayed on the Payments page in the "FX Rate" column.

Why does the Bank Account presented with a payment differ from the Bank Account I have setup to receive payments?

Payments are sent to the bank account on file at the time a payment is processed. Depending on the timing of your bank account update, a payment could have been in process at the time you updated your banking information. In such instances, the bank account a payment was made to will differ from the account you currently have on file.

Why didn't I get paid? What are the requirements?

Payments are made within 30 days of calendar month end if both of the following conditions are met:

  • All documentation is complete, including any required banking and tax information.
  • The payment threshold for your country or region, ranging from US$0.02 to US$150, has been exceeded.

If you have not received a payment for a given month within 30 days after the end of the month, confirm that all documentation has been completed. Also, confirm that the cumulative amount owed exceeds the minimum payment threshold for your country or region by converting reported amounts using current exchange rates.

Do I need to invoice Apple to receive payment?

Invoices are not required in order to receive payment from Apple. Content Providers may have invoicing requirements in accordance with local laws and statutes. It is your responsibility to consult with your own legal and tax advisors with respect to any invoice requirements you are subject to.

Content providers may send a soft copy of the invoices by using Contact Us.

Use the following billing address:

Apple Distribution International Limited
Hollyhill Industrial Estate
Cork, Ireland
VAT: IE9700053D

Send hard-copy invoices to:

iTunes Invoicing
Apple Operations Europe
Apple Distribution International Limited
Hollyhill Industrial Estate
Cork, Ireland

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