How can I read my Financial Reports?

Your financial reports are presented as groups of transactions, displayed in distinct rows. Each row represents a unique combination of a book, transaction type (product type identifier), price (proceeds/customer Price), store, sale or return and promo (if applicable). Each of the columns reference different aspects of a group of transactions. The columns presented are detailed in the Payments and Financial Reports Guide.

Why don't I see payments prior to July 2010?

iTunes Connect is displaying payment information for payments made beginning with the July 2010 reports. Prior payment related information is not available.

What do the Name and Number combinations in the dropdown at the top of Payments and Financial Reports represent?

If you see multiple Name and Number combinations in a drop down menu at the top, it indicates that more than one Legal Entity has been associated with the account. Each option for selection corresponds to different Legal Entity that has been reported to and/or paid.

What does the Earned amount represent?

The earned amount represents the proceeds, net of commission, in a given period for the region and revenue type displayed. The amount will agree to the total of the associated financial report.

What is the difference between "Total Owed" and "Proceeds?"

Total Owed displays the estimated amount owed to you in the currency of each reported region and revenue type.

Proceeds is an estimate of the amount due based on converting the amount owed to your bank account currency. The actual payment may differ from the proceeds based on variances in foreign exchange rates as well as reductions for applicable withholding taxes.

What does the Balance Carried Forward amount represent?

Balance Carried Forward is made up of any prior period amounts unpaid (or returned) and carried over to the current period.

What does the withholding tax amount represent?

The withholding tax displayed represents amounts withheld by Apple and remitted to taxing authorities in accordance with government requirements specific to the country or region.

Withholding tax is specific to particular stores where transactions occurred and/or where payments are being distributed by Apple. Withholding taxes can vary based on your location, the completion of any optional tax forms and the tax treaties entered into by your country or region.

What does the Input tax amount represent?

Amounts added to your payment to meet your tax requirements in certain countries or regions. For example, Goods and Services Tax (GST) generally applies if you are either based in Australia or based outside of Australia but registered for GST.

How can I download Financial Reports?

Financial Reports, which include payment and other financial information, are available in Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect.

Click on Create Report on the top right corner, select All Regions or choose individual region and click Create Reports and download them once it completes.

What is the best way to open the financial report? I seem to be having technical issues.

If you are using macOS, the reports will be downloaded and opened automatically.

If you are using Microsoft Windows, read the information below:

  1. Click the download button. Your browser will ask you whether it should open or save the report.
  2. Click on the save button when the dialog box appears.
  3. Once you download the file (xxx.txt.gz), double click and WinZip should extract it. Once extracted you will have a tab delimited text file (xxx.txt). If your system does not know how to open it, it will present you with a dialog box and the list of applications to choose from. You should select WinZip or anything equivalent to WinZip to extract the file.
  4. Launch Excel.
  5. Go to File > Open then select the file. The Import Wizard will start.
  6. In the Original data type box, select "Delimited" and click Next.
  7. In the Delimiters box, select "Tab" and click Next.
  8. Select the column that has UPC, ISRC, Vendor Identifier by holding the shift key and clicking the columns. Once selected, in the top right hand box called Column Data Format, select "Text". The label above those three columns will change from General to Text. Click Finish.
  9. Once the file has opened, save the file as an Excel Workbook.

What are the currencies associated with Financial Reports?

There is a single currency for earnings associated with each Financial Report. You can see the currencies associated with each Financial Report on the left side of Payments and Financial Reports.

Why does my financial report show sales where the royalty is zero?

A line item will have a zero value if you elected to waive royalties for a particular product. Examples include, but are not limited to, the Single of The Week, promotional content available a la carte, and certain code based promotions.

How can I identify CMA transactions versus regular transactions on my Financial Reports?

There is a Promo Code column in your financial reports used to identify certain transactions, including complete my album sales. Album sales resulting from CMA are marked as "CMA" while track credits are marked as "CMA-C". The Sale/Refund column will display an "R" for tracks being credited, while displaying an "S" for the albums completed.

Why does my Japan financial report show amounts lower than what I expect?

In accordance with the music contract, the royalties we pay in Japan may be adjusted due to Author's Rights we owe to collection societies, including JASRAC. The contracted royalty rates were based on the prevailing industry-wide royalty rates (currently estimated at 7.7% of retail price, calculated based on JASRAC's published rate). We adjust the wholesale prices based on any higher payments for Author's Rights that we are obligated to make as a result of the application of fixed minimum royalties imposed by Societies (including JASRAC) and/or based on applicable rates imposed by Societies other than JASRAC that are higher than the prevailing industry-wide royalty rates.

What does the Payment Returned amount represent?

When a payment made to you is returned, you will see the return at the top of the page highlighted in red as an amount added to the cumulative balance of what you are owed.

Once you make any necessary banking updates to resolve the return reason, we will attempt to repay the returned amount along with all other amounts owed within two payment cycles of your banking update.

Why am I missing my Financial Report for a particular month?

If nothing was purchased in a region during a month, no corresponding report for that region will be generated for download on iTunes Connect.

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