Asset shares and original spoken locale updates.

December 4, 2020

Here are a few updates in iTunes Connect to help manage your TV content:

  • Share assets between episodes by navigating to the Metadata tab of an episode and clicking the plus sign next to the Shared Assets field. Enter the episode title or the Vendor ID, and select the episode you would like to share from. If you select the wrong episode, unlink the share and choose the correct episode. Asset shares can only be linked and unlinked from participant episodes, not the original episode. Also, you cannot asset share if an episode already has a delivered asset. Learn more about asset sharing here.
  • View the original spoken locale on the Metadata tab of an episode. This field is not editable and can only be changed through a Transporter update.
  • Find the On Store status in TV Season catalog reports. This new feature will be added soon to iTunes Connect. 

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