New localization languages for Apple Partner Media Review.

February 6, 2023

The Apple Partner Media Review app has now been localized in the following languages:

ar — Arabic (MSA)
ca — Catalan
cs — Czech
da — Danish
de — German
el — Greek
en_AU — English (Australia)
en_GB — English (United Kingdom)
es — Spanish
es_419 — Spanish (Latin America)
fi — Finnish
fr — French
fr_CA — French (Canada)
he — Hebrew
hi — Hindi
hr — Croatian
hu — Hungarian
id — Indonesian
it — Italian
ja — Japanese
ko — Korean
ms — Malay
nl — Dutch
no — Norwegian
pl — Polish
pt_BR — Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_PT — Portuguese (Portugal)
ro — Romanian
ru — Russian
sk — Slovak
sv — Swedish
th — Thai
tr — Turkish
uk — Ukrainian
vi — Vietnamese
zh_CN — Chinese (China Mainland)
zh_HK — Chinese (Hong Kong)
zh_TW — Chinese (Taiwan)

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