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January 6, 2017

We have the following updates and reminders for your TV content:

Ratings Updates for Australia

To comply with legal requirements, we will no longer be supporting the following ratings starting April 1, 2017:


New episode deliveries using those ratings will be blocked in Transporter. You will also not be able to use those ratings when creating new seasons in iTunes Connect. Seasons and episodes currently using these ratings will still be available on the iTunes Store, but you cannot use these ratings after April 1, 2017.

New Art Videos

In order to help ensure you’re creating the best art, two videos have been added to Resources and Help. The first video will help you create fullscreen art in order to showcase your background art on Apple TV. The second will show you how to create LSR artwork utilizing a parallax effect for Apple TV. You can find these in the Videos section of Resources and Help.

New Mark Complete Video

A new video that demonstrates how to mark a TV season complete in iTunes Connect is available on Resources and Help. As a reminder, all TV seasons are required to be marked complete. Currently airing seasons should be marked complete after all episodes are live on the iTunes Store. Library seasons must be marked complete after all episodes have been delivered and encoded. For more information, see the Marking a TV Season Complete video on Resources and Help under the Video section.

Episode Subtype

To future proof your content, we encourage you to utilize the episode <subtype> tag to identify the type of video you are delivering. The available subtype values are:

  • “episode” for a regular episode
  • “episodebonus” for bonus content related to a specific episode
  • “seasonbonus” for bonus content related to an entire season

For more information, see the iTunes Package TV Specification.

Territory Clearance Deadlines

As a reminder, when you are clearing an existing season and episodes for a new territory, the deadlines are the same as when you create a new season. If you’re delivering asset shared episodes, the normal video delivery deadlines apply as well. For more information, review the Timetables section in the iTunes TV User Guide.

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