Copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

All copyrights and intellectual property rights will be retained by the original holders of the rights. If you believe that a book on Apple Books infringes your rights, please submit a claim via the Apple Books Content Dispute form

Copyright management

Learn more about copyright laws:

See the complete list of international copyright office websites.

Digital rights management (DRM)

DRM protects your book from illegal copying. It works differently depending on your book’s file type:

  • EPUB files (.epub): DRM applies to images and book content. The book directory, file structure, audio, and video content are not included.
  • Multi-Touch Book files (.ibooks): DRM applies to all media and book content, but it’s not applied to the book structure, small thumbnails, and media content within an HTML widget.

You can adjust your book's DRM settings in My Books in iTunes Connect. Learn more about DRM settings.

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