Manage Your Book

Manage your book in iTunes Connect

Use My Books in iTunes Connect to check the status of your books, update metadata, change prices for upcoming promotions, and request catalog reports. The last ten books submitted or updated are displayed in the Recent Activity section.

Find your book

To find a specific book or multiple books, search your catalog by author, Apple ID, Publisher, or status. Select the On the Store status to view a list of your titles on Apple Books.

Search for multiple books at once by entering their Apple IDs or ISBNs. Be sure to use a comma to separate each number. The search results show all books matching your search criteria. Click the title to see the book’s details.

View book details

The book detail page contains all the information you need about your book, divided into three sections: Summary, Metadata, and Assets.


At the top of the page is the Summary, where you find the book’s Apple ID, store status, and a link to update the book’s rights and pricing.


The next section is Metadata, where you can see the book’s current details. Admin or Technical users can update certain fields. Learn more about updating metadata in iTunes Connect.


The last section on the book detail page is Assets. Here you can see which files have been delivered.

If assets haven’t been delivered, it’s noted under Book and Sample, and you’ll see Apple-generated cover art under Cover Art. Otherwise, you’ll see assets and the date they were submitted. Additionally, by clicking View Details, you can see what embedded content is within that file.

You cannot submit updates to your files within iTunes Connect, but you can hide the sample during the pre-order period or change a custom sample to an Apple-generated sample.