Manage Your Book

How to check your book status

Every new book and updated book go through a review process before they are available on Apple Books.

Check your book status

To check the review status of your book, click the book title to go to the book detail page. Check the review status in the Summary section:

  • Waiting for Review: The book is pending review. No further action is required from you at this time.
  • Reviewed: The book passed review.
  • Not Applicable: This book does not need to be reviewed.

Review Apple Books status

To quickly check the status of your book on Apple Books, look at the status light under your book.

Status Light Status What it Means
Red Not on Store This book is not available on Apple Books for one or more reasons. Click See Details and a frame will display at the bottom of the page providing additional information.
Yellow Ready for Store The book has passed review and will be available for sale on the scheduled release date.
Green On Store The book has passed review and is available on the store.

You can also view the store status by requesting a Books Catalog Report. This report lists all the titles you submitted to Apple and notes the store status for each territory. Learn more about catalog reports.