Manage Your Book

Understanding tickets in iTunes Connect

All content is reviewed before it’s made available on Apple Books. If our Book Review team finds that the metadata or files submitted don’t follow the Apple Books Formatting Guidelines, a ticket is opened against the book and it will not be available on Apple Books until the issues are corrected.

You’ll know a ticket was opened if you:

Similarly, when you submit metadata updates for your book, an inbound metadata ticket is created and reviewed by our team.

We strongly recommend that you review the Apple Books Formatting Guidelines to ensure the review process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Ticket status

There are six different ticket statuses:

  • Approved: You addressed the issue and we accepted the update.
  • Your Action Needed: This ticket needs to be addressed before the book can be on Apple Books.
  • In Review: You submitted updates and the Book Review team is validating them.
  • Closed: The ticket was addressed.
  • Denied: You haven’t addressed the issue after multiple deliveries or we’re unable to accept the update. Contact us to address a ticket in the Denied state.
  • No action needed: The ticket hasn’t been addressed, but clearances for the book have been removed. If the book is cleared for sale in the future, the ticket reverts back to Your Action Needed.

When viewing the ticket you will see:

  • The date the ticket was opened
  • The reason it was opened and a link to the Apple Books Formatting Guidelines
  • Additional notes from the Book Review team
  • A reply field. If you feel like the ticket was opened by mistake, use this field to clarify any possible confusion. If you have questions and need clarification on your ticket, contact us.

How to address a ticket

If your book was issued a ticket, address the issue as soon as possible so your book can be available on Apple Books. If you believe that your book was ticketed by mistake, you can leave a clarification note within the Reply section of the ticket. After the ticket and book have been approved, your book will be visible on Apple Books within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about tickets or how to address a ticket, contact us.

Tickets for existing books

A book can be ticketed at anytime. Generally if a book was previously available on Apple Books and then ticketed, it’s in response to a customer complaint, or formatting issues were discovered. The sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner the book will be back on Apple Books.