How to Submit and Manage a Book Series

When series information is submitted and approved, each book in the series links together on Apple Books. 

Screenshot displaying how books in a series appear on Apple Books.


Customers can quickly navigate to the next book, purchase it, and keep reading. Or they can pre-order the next book, so they get the next installment as soon as it’s released.

How to submit a series to Apple Books

It’s crucial to provide accurate series metadata to ensure customers can find every book in your series. You can submit the following information:

  • Series Name: The series name, if the book was published as part of a series.
  • Sequence Number: The order in which the book displays in the series, if it’s part of a series that should be read in a particular order. You can only use numeric values, such as 3.
  • Display Text: In a series, Apple Books displays “Book” by default, if you prefer to display your series as “Volume,” “Prequel,” or “Novella” indicate that here.

Make sure the series name matches exactly for all books. If your series should be read in a specific order, provide consecutive series numbers.

You can submit this metadata with your initial book submission. If your series meets our formatting guidelines, the series will appear on Apple Books after you have two or more books from the series available on the store.

How to add a new book to an existing series

Each time you submit a new book to your series, enter your series metadata. Be sure to enter the series name, including spaces and punctuation, exactly as it appears on Apple Books.

After your book is approved and available on Apple Books, the book will be automatically added to the series.

How to update a series

To change your series name, numbers, or the display text for your books, first check whether your series is linked together on Apple Books.

  • If it’s not linked together, you can add or update series information and resubmit your book. Learn more about submitting updates.
  • If it is linked together, you’ll need to contact us. Describe your updates and provide the following information for each book in your series:
    • Book Apple ID. In iTunes Connect, find your book in My Books. The Book Apple ID is in the Summary section of your book detail page. 
    • Book Title
    • Sequence Number (if applicable)
    • Display Text (if applicable)

How to check your series

Check your series on Apple Books to confirm that all of your books are linked together.

Additionally, catalog reports are a fantastic resource to see your approved books, series information, and other details. To review your series information, you’ll need a Book report. Learn more about requesting and downloading catalog reports.

In a Book catalog report, the Series Name, Series Number, and Series Display Text columns show the series information Apple has on file. The Series Status column indicates whether the series has been approved by our review team.

Avoid common issues which can prevent your series from being available on Apple Books. Here are a few things you should verify:

  • Series Name matches exactly for each book in your series.
  • Sequence Numbers are correct and consecutive.
  • Series Display Text shows the correct terminology.
  • Series Status for any books is not in Pending or Not Processable. This indicates that your series has not yet been approved to appear on Apple Books.
  • At least two books from the series are available on Apple Books.
  • No books are missing from the series.
  • There are no duplicate books, including bundles.

If your series information looks correct in your Book catalog report, but isn’t displaying on Apple Books, contact us. Describe your situation and provide the following information for each book in your series:

  • Book Apple ID. In iTunes Connect, find your book in My Books. The Book Apple ID is in the Summary section of your book detail page.
  • Book Title
  • Sequence Number (if applicable)
  • Display Text (if applicable)

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