Manage Your Book

Remove your book from sale

There are several reasons you may need to remove a book from Apple Books. For example, you may have accidentally submitted the same book twice or need to remove an older version of a book. You can remove a book from sale in selected countries or across all countries by following the steps below.

How to remove sales clearances or remove your book from Apple Books

  1. Find your book in iTunes Connect.
  2. On the book detail page, click Rights and Pricing.
  3. Click Edit Countries/Regions and Pricing.
  4. Update the Cleared for Sale field to No.
  5. Select all the countries and regions where you’d like to remove your book from sale or click Select All.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review your changes and click Confirm.

To confirm that the change is in our system, verify that the green check is no longer in the Cleared For Sale column.

Although the book is no longer visible on Apple Books, it will still be visible within My Books. For auditing reasons, books cannot be deleted from iTunes Connect.