Market Your Book

Market your books

Publishing your book to Apple Books is a great first step toward bestseller status. We know you’re eager to distribute your title to as many readers as possible, and the landscape is vast, so how do you make your book stand out?

Learn how to market your book on Apple Books for Authors. You can also:

  • Get familiar with the Apple Books Identity Guidelines for tips on wording and badging to use when marketing your books on Apple Books.
  • Link to your book on Apple Books from your website, on social media, and within your books.
  • Create marketing assets and generate custom retail landing pages through Apple Books Promote, powered by Booklinker.
  • Integrate Apple Books badges into your website and emails.
  • Use promo codes. Create buzz around your title by distributing up to 250 free promo codes to reviewers, bloggers, and other media contacts.

Featuring your book on Apple Books

Apple Books features are chosen by our editors. All featured placement is solely at the discretion of Apple and is not guaranteed.

We do not accept advertising or co-op in exchange for favorable placement, although suggestions for editorial placement are welcome. We consider books of high editorial quality with effective product pages and robust marketing plans. Note that these are key sales drivers for all titles, with or without merchandising support.

Creating an effective product page

A robust product page is a powerful opportunity to connect directly with potential readers. To understand what makes an effective product page, we recommend reviewing pages for comparable bestselling titles on Apple Books. Key elements to consider include:

  • Cover: Book titles should be big and easy to read. Test your cover by previewing it at a distance or at a reduced size and comparing it with bestsellers in your category. Deliver cover assets that have a resolution of at least 1400 pixels on the shortest side. Learn more about cover requirements.
  • Description: A thoughtful, well-written description can make an enormous difference, particularly for new authors. Learn more about formatting descriptions.