Market Your Book

Link to Apple Books

Make it easy for your readers to find and purchase your book by using links that take your fans directly to your book on Apple Books.

Link Maker

Use Link Maker to create short links, banners, badges, and QR codes to direct traffic to your book on Apple Books. Simply search for your title and select the country it’s available in.

See our guidelines on how to use Apple approved badges correctly.

Get a link using Apple Books for macOS

  1. On your computer, go to the book’s product page on Apple Books.
  2. Tap the more (…) icon.
  3. Select Copy Link.

Paste the link where applicable (emails, newsletters, messages, etc.).

Get a link using Apple Books for iOS

  1. On the book’s product page, tap the more (…) icon.
  2. Tap Share.
  3. Select Copy.
  4. Paste the URL to the desired location.

Create your own link

A good system for keeping track of links, especially if you’ve got a large, unique catalog, is to create your own link per title. This link is based on the book’s ISBN or Apple ID. To create one:

  1. Start with the base address:
  2. Add a forward slash / and then the international two-character country or region code of the country you want to view. For example, US for the United States.
  3. Add another forward slash and the word book.
  4. Add another forward slash and the letters id or ISBN.
  5. If using id, add the Apple ID of the book (you can find this on the book detail page in My Books). If using ISBN, add the title’s ISBN.

The same process can be used to generate a link to a book series or an author page. Replace the word book with book-series for a series link, and “author” for an author page. Your series and author IDs can be found in your book catalog report, available to download from iTunes Connect.