Manage Rights and Pricing

Set up promotional pricing

Price intervals allow you to change a book’s price in advance. This can be useful when you have a price promotion coming up for a specific time period. There is no limit to the number of intervals that can be set, but price changes can’t be made more than a year in advance.

How to update book pricing

  1. Find your book in iTunes Connect.
  2. On the book detail page, click Rights and Pricing.
  3. Click Edit Countries/Regions and Pricing.
  4. On the Edit Existing Countries or Regions page, select the appropriate currency from the Base Currency menu.
  5. In the Suggested Apple Books Price field, enter the updated price.
  6. Select the date in the Price Start Date field, or select Effective Now.
  7. Select the date in the Price End Date field, or select No End Date.*
  8. Under Apply to Existing Countries or Regions, select where the updated pricing should be available, or click Select All.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Review your changes and click Confirm.

To confirm that the update was successful, verify the current and future prices on the Rights and Pricing page.

*If you note a Price End Date, the price reverts back to the original price on that date. For example, if your promotion runs May 2 through May 8, set the Price Start Date for May 2 and the Price End Date for May 9. On May 9, the price of the book reverts to its original price.