Market Your Book

Apple Books ratings and reviews

Be sure to encourage your fans to leave ratings and reviews for your book. Positive reviews can be a great way to encourage a hesitant customer to take the leap and complete their purchase.

Ratings and reviews are only visible to customers in the same Apple Books territory. For example, if a customer in the United States posts a review in the U.S. store, that review is only visible to other customers in the U.S. store. If you have updated your book files, reviews for previous versions will remain visible.

Only users who purchased the book or used a promo code to download the book from Apple Books can post a rating or review. They can leave a written review with a rating or only a rating.

How to remove reviews

If you need to remove a review for your book, submit a request using Contact Us. The review will be removed if we deem it to be inappropriate. Reasons for this can include profanity, hateful or overtly sexual language, or significant factual inaccuracies.

Customer-reported issues

If a customer reports any issues with your book on Apple Books, direct them to iTunes Store Customer Support. This allows the user to resolve the issue directly with the Customer Support team.

If the issue is related to your book and not Apple Books or the customer’s account, you will be contacted separately by Apple.