Account Setup

Agreements, tax, banking, and compliance

To sell your books and receive payments from Apple, a Legal user with the authority to sign documents on behalf of your company must complete the Paid Books agreement by submitting the forms that correspond with choosing to “Offer Books for Free and Sell Your Books.”

After Apple verifies the information, an Admin, Finance, or Legal user must provide tax and banking information. Check in the Business module to see if there’s any more information we need to complete your agreement. If you need to accept any agreements and it has been more than 30 minutes since you signed in to iTunes Connect, you will be prompted to verify your identity again via two-factor authentication. You must complete these steps to receive payments directly from Apple.

Learn more about submitting tax and banking information, and the user roles you need to do this.

You will also be asked to disclose whether or not you’re a trader under the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) in order to stay compliant across regions when distributing books on Apple Books. If you’re a trader, you will need to provide certain identification information, including your address and contact details. Learn more about managing your DSA compliance information.

Common issues with U.S. tax ID and legal name

If we are unable to verify a legal entity name and U.S. tax ID, it is typically due to one of the following reasons:

  • The U.S. tax ID was not entered correctly. When entering the U.S. tax ID, do not include dashes (-).
  • The correct U.S. tax ID type was not selected. Be sure to select the type which corresponds to your number (SSN, ITIN, or EIN).
  • The legal entity name was not entered correctly. The legal entity name on your account must exactly match U.S. IRS records.
  • Your tax ID is not yet included in the IRS database. If you recently applied for a U.S. tax ID, it can take a few weeks for the IRS to add your tax ID to their records.

Pen names

Your legal entity name displays in the Business section of iTunes Connect. This is also the default seller name that displays on Apple Books.

If you’d like to sell books under a fictitious name or Doing Business As (DBA) name, first complete your tax and banking information in Business. When you’re done, use the Contact Us form to submit a request for a DBA/Pen name. Use the Topic title “DBA/Pen Name” on the form. You need to show proof of the desired name such as a DBA/fictitious business name certificate or license, or IRS tax document.

Account changes

Upgrade your account

If you’ve been offering books for free and want to add the option to sell your books, simply request and complete a Paid Books agreement in Business.

Company name changes

If your company has restructured, changed its name, or merged with another company, use the Contact Us form to explain your situation and provide appropriate documentation for our legal department. Use the Topic “Legal Entity Information” on the form.

Deactivate your account

If your agreement has been in effect for at least one year and you no longer wish to offer books on Apple Books, you can terminate your account.

When you terminate your account, you will no longer be able to submit or manage books, access sales or financial reports, receive Apple Books news and announcements, and more. Before terminating your account, download any sales, financial, or catalog reports from iTunes Connect for your own records and remove clearances for your books.

To terminate your account, use the Contact Us form and select the Topic “Delete Account.” Be sure you provide 30 days notice and note whether you intend to continue using your Apple ID on another iTunes Connect account.


The Invoices tab in Business displays monthly recipient-created tax invoices available for download in select countries or regions. Recipient-created tax invoices are not applicable in all countries or regions. If you do not see any invoices in this tab, you do not have any recipient-created tax invoices available for download in your country or region.