Account Setup

Set up tax information in iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect lists the required tax forms and allows you to submit most forms electronically. Learn more about country-specific required tax forms.

You will be presented with a set of questions which directs you to the forms that are appropriate for your situation. If you select the wrong form or need to make a change, let us know.

The Business module won’t show changes to tax forms. You will continue to see the tax information that you originally provided online, but all submitted changes to tax information are processed. We will notify you if there is a question or concern about a request to update your form.

Required role: Legal, Admin, or Finance. Learn more about user roles.

Set a tax category for your books

Apple’s tax calculation service uses multiple inputs to calculate tax on customer transactions in the territories where we administer tax, including your title’s tax information selections in iTunes Connect, legal entity status, tax registration status, customer attributes, and other requirements in accordance with the local laws and regulations. Select the options that best describe the content of your title in the Tax Information section; these settings will affect future transactions.

You can make adjustments to these settings at any time as the nature of your book changes or as tax legislation changes. You are required to make sure that the tax information selections accurately represent your book. Selecting inaccurate or failing to select the accurate subcategories or attributes for your book may violate local tax laws.

Your tax information selections may result in changes to your proceeds, as proceeds are calculated based on the price of your title, minus any applicable taxes.

The first full month after you've configured your settings, you can view taxes for U.S. and Canada transactions under the Transaction Tax Report in Payments and Financial Reports. This report shows transaction taxes (sales tax, use tax, goods and services tax, and other similar taxes) applied to your sales, and will be available no later than the second Friday of the fiscal month.

How to set a tax category for your books

  1. From My Books, select your title.
  2. Click Set Up Tax Information.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the subcategory and attributes that best describe your title.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Done.