Manage Your Release

Editorial hides

Apple can hide a release if it violates our Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions. We review all deliveries to ensure every listener or customer has the best possible experience on our platforms.

To keep your music available on our platforms, familiarize yourself with the common causes of editorial hides:

  • Curation purposes. Releases will be hidden using the reason Curated Artist when Apple Music has curated an artist’s page and decided there are sufficient instances of a song or catalog available.
  • Repeated submissions. Releases will be hidden using the reason Repeated Submissions if multiple copies of the same release or audio files are submitted with a slightly different title or artist.
  • Misleading content. Releases will be hidden using the reason Misleading if designed to mislead customers by mimicking popular content or search terms.
  • Cultural sensitivities. Releases will be hidden using the reason Refusal. It is your responsibility to be knowledgable about local regulations and cultural sensitivities.
  • Nazi propaganda. Releases will be hidden using the reason Refusal if it violates this rule. Your entire catalog may be subject to suspension in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and any other applicable country or region.
  • Additional non-permitted content. We can hide releases using the reason Refusal for snippets and advertisement tracks, karaoke music videos and ringtones, DJ Mix albums delivered as a single audio file, and more.

Unlike tickets, editorial hides cannot be fixed by a redelivery or metadata update. For more details on reasons for editorial hides, visit the Apple Music Style Guide.