Manage Your Release

Resolve tickets

We get it, mistakes happen. What matters more than the mistake is the effort taken to remedy it. This is why Apple Music strives to make the process of editing metadata, artwork, and rights and pricing as easy as possible.

Use iTunes Connect post-delivery to extract any information from your catalog and monitor ticket statuses, either created by you or Apple. You can access your tickets in the following ways:

  • Via email. Follow the link to address the changes requested.
  • Go to Tickets in iTunes Connect and search for specific ticket IDs.

Ticket statuses

Tickets in iTunes Connect allows you to view the status of your release. You have the option to search through all of your filed tickets using several different identifiers.

Ticket Description
Approved The corrections we received were reviewed and approved. This does not mean that the release will instantly go live on Apple Music or the iTunes Store. The release must still complete the normal quality assurance process after ticket approval.
Your Action Needed There is an issue that requires action from the distributor or label. Supply additional information to resolve the ticket.
No Action Needed There is an issue that requires distributor or label attention, which the provider has confirmed cannot be actioned. Releases with this ticket state will remain unavailable.
Pending The ticket is being reviewed by our Quality Assurance team.
Denied The ticket was not approved by Quality Assurance and the delivery won’t be available on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Applicable users will recieve an email with the rejection reason.
Cancelled The ticketed issue is no longer relevant.
Saved for Later The ticket has been opened but no changes were submitted.

To avoid ticket denials, make sure that any proposed changes to metadata, cover art, and audio conform to the Apple Music Style Guide. See Content Update Behavior in the iTunes Package Music Specification for more details.