Apple Music Pitch user guide

Welcome to Apple Music Pitch for music partners. We are excited to provide an intuitive tool that allows you to inform Apple Music editorial teams around the world of your upcoming releases and promotions.  

Access Apple Music Pitch

  • Any Apple Music Partner with an Apple ID associated with their company’s iTunes Connect account as a user can access Apple Music Pitch.
  • To be granted access to iTunes Connect, work with the designated Admin(s) of your company’s account.
  • If you are an Admin for your company’s iTunes Connect account, you can grant users access to iTunes Connect.

Pitch your music


  • New Release full coverage: Pitch at least 10 days in advance of release for full consideration.
  • New Release final deadline: Pitch at least seven days in advance of release for late adds.
  • Off-cycle releases: The deadlines above apply on a rolling basis to your content release date.

Creating an individual pitch

  1. Click the Create Pitch button to begin.
  2. Select New Release, Pre-Add/Pre-Order, or Re-promotion from the Add Pitch module.
  3. If you are a content provider, you can search for delivered content from your catalog by selecting Search Catalog and entering the Apple ID or UPC. This will automatically populate some details about your release that are required for your pitch.
  4. You can manually enter your content by selecting Manual Entry and entering the required details of your release.
  5. Complete your pitch by providing information on key deliverables (Spatial Audio, Motion Artwork, and Lyrics), as well as additional release details including mood and genre.
  6. Next, provide Promotion Details. This should include key moments in the campaign,  the upcoming song release schedule, focus tracks, dedicated Apple Music marketing plans, and key media moments. This is also where listening links and press shots should be provided. This can be done via Apple’s file sharing service, Shared Files or a third-party file sharing service such as Box.
  7. Provide your Promotion Start Date. If you’re timing your release to go live across all available territories simultaneously, check the Timed Release box and specify the timing of your release.
  8. Specify the geographical territory you are pitching from. This information is critical for our global teams to identify pitches from local partners.
  9. Select the territories you want to receive your pitch information. Content should not be pitched to the same territory twice. If you’d like to submit your pitch globally or to multiple regions, use the Select Group drop-down menu.
  10. Click Next to review a summary page of your pitch. 

Review your pitch details and when you’re ready, select Submit Pitch. You will receive a confirmation email once your pitch has been submitted. 

Submit multiple pitches with Bulk Upload

  1. Click the Create Pitch button to begin.
  2. Select Bulk Upload from the Add Pitch module.
  3. Download our bulk pitch template and fill in all required and optional information.
  4. Select Choose File to upload your completed spreadsheet and click Upload.
  5. The upload will automatically validate to find any errors. The template will only import if it is free of errors.

Once the upload is successful, you will see a confirmation that your pitches have been received. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to your dashboard where you will be able to see all the pitches you submitted.

Manage your pitches

Any users associated to your iTunes Connect account can update and modify a pitch submitted from your provider account. My Pitches will display all of the pitches you’ve created and All Pitches will display all of the pitches made by users of your provider account. 

Use the Add Filters drop-down menu to filter and sort your list of pitches. You can filter by information such as Promotion Date, Pitch Type, content Format, Pitch From location, Promotion location, and content Label. 

You can modify any pitch by selecting it from your list of pitches.