Apple-approved encoding houses

There are different types of digital partners who can help you get your transactional movies and TV shows on the Apple TV app: 

  • Video aggregators help you format, deliver, and manage your content on the Apple TV app. They also provide sales reports, and marketing and operational help. If you sell any content, we will pay the aggregator directly, and the aggregator then pays you.
  • Video encoding houses help you to format and deliver your content to the Apple TV app. They also make sure that the quality of your content matches our standards. You can only work with an encoding house if you have an agreement to deliver content directly to Apple. Otherwise, work with an aggregator. Regardless of whether you choose to use an aggregator, all content must be encoded and delivered by an Apple-approved encoding house.

Apple has a list of approved encoding houses and aggregators that are qualified to deliver transactional content to the Apple TV app. All encoding houses are evaluated by Apple to ensure they have the necessary tools and expertise for video delivery. They are ranked by preferred status and are qualified to deliver transactional TV, movies, or iTunes Extras. We recommend working with one of the preferred Apple-approved encoding houses from the pre-approved list. Although organized by geographic location, you can work with any encoding house listed, regardless of your location.