Set up Banking Information in iTunes Connect

To receive payments from Apple, you need to enter electronic banking information. The information you provide should apply to your own bank, not an intermediary or correspondent bank, and should have its own routing number. 

You may be required to provide additional documentation to receive payments in certain countries or regions. If an Apple banking partner needs more documentation, they'll reach out to you directly. If you'd like us to verify that it is a legitimate request from an Apple banking partner before sending them your documents, contact us. Note that Apple may also request additional information or documentation.

Your banking information processing will not be complete until you have submitted the required tax forms for your paid agreement.

Required role: Legal, Admin, or Finance. Learn more about user roles.

Add bank information

  1. From iTunes Connect, click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.
  2. Click “Set Up Tax and Banking” or Paid Books.
  3. Under Bank Accounts, click Add Bank Account.
  4. Fill in the required fields:
    • Name: Enter a nickname for your bank.
    • Bank Country or Region: Select the country or region where your bank is based.
    • Bank Account Currency: Choose the primary currency of the bank account.
    • Routing Number: Enter your bank’s routing number, SWIFT code, bank code, or BIC. Or you can look up your bank by clicking the link. You can search by bank name, city, or postal code. Not all branch locations are available in iTunes Connect. Select a branch using your bank code for your account if you don’t see your branch location listed.
    • IBAN: Enter your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) if applicable. An IBAN is used for payments to bank accounts in Europe and certain other countries.
    • Account Number: Enter the bank account for the legal entity or individual responsible for the Paid Books agreement.
    • Account Holder Name: Enter the name on your bank account held at your financial institution. The name should be entered exactly as it appears on your bank account or your payment may be rejected.
    • Account Holder Type: Choose whether the account belongs to an Individual or a Corporation.
    • Account Type: Choose whether your bank account is a Checking or Savings.
    • Address: Enter the bank account holder’s address.
  5. Depending on your bank country, additional fields may be required.
  6. Select the box to confirm you certify the information provided is correct.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The Banking tab of Agreements, Tax, and Banking shows your active and former bank account information.

If your banking information is still processing after 24 hours, verify whether you need to complete additional tax forms.

Edit bank information

Bank information can be edited at any time, unless we’re still processing previous changes you made. You can edit your current account, replace it with a new account, or replace it with an account you've used previously. Allow 24 hours for changes to be processed.

Please note that banking updates made while payments are being processed will be applied to your future payments, during the next month’s payment cycle.

  1. From iTunes Connect, click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.
  2. In the Agreements tab, click Paid Books.
  3. Under Bank Accounts, click Edit.
  4. Choose the appropriate action and make your changes.
  5. Click Save or Submit to complete your edits.

Delete bank information

You can’t delete a bank account if it’s in use, but you can delete an account you’ve previously used :

  1. From iTunes Connect, click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.
  2. Select Banking.
  3. Hover over the account you want to delete and click the red Delete button on the far right side of the page.
  4. Select Delete to confirm.

Banking troubleshooting

Why isn't my local clearing or SWIFT code being accepted?

Make sure you've entered your local clearing or SWIFT code correctly, including any leading zeros. Don't enter a SWIFT code if you're asked specifically for a clearing code or other type of number.

Some local clearing or SWIFT codes aren't yet recognized by our banking systems. If possible, use a supported local clearing or SWIFT code instead. It can take up to several months to add support for additional local clearing or SWIFT codes. If you'd like us to verify or attempt to add support for your bank, let us know and include your bank details.

What if I don't see my branch location on the list?

Make sure your U.S. ABA routing number is correct. This number will be printed on the bottom of the checks for your account, or you can contact your bank if you need further confirmation. Not all locations for every U.S. bank are available; use another branch location instead if this is the case.

Payments sent to U.S. banks in USD require an ACH routing number. This must be a domestic payment method. If you provide an international wire routing number, your payments will fail.

Why isn't my Canadian bank transit number recognized?

iTunes Connect uses the electronic routing/transit number. The number is comprised of a “leading zero,” a three-digit financial institution number, and a five-digit branch (transit) number.

Here's an example:

    • 0 is the leading zero
    • XXX is the three-digit financial institution number
    • YYYYY is the five-digit branch number

Please contact your bank to request their three-digit financial institution number and their five-digit branch number.

Can I use "further credit to" instructions provided by my bank?

No, usually these instructions are only provided by banks or investment firms that don’t have their own bank routing number. We don’t support payments to banks or institutions that don’t have their own routing number.

Why am I getting a "Please enter a valid bank account number" error message?

Some bank account numbers have leading zeros. Be sure to include all leading zeroes when entering your banking information on iTunes Connect. Don't enter your IBAN into the bank account number field; they’re two separate numbers.

What alphabet can be entered in the Account Holder Name field?

If your bank account currency is Japanese Yen, Katakana characters are allowed. Otherwise, only Roman characters or numbers are allowed in the Account Holder Name field.

What if my primary bank account currency isn't available in the bank account currency field?

If your primary bank account currency isn’t listed, check with your bank to find out which of our supported currencies they can accept.

Note that currencies are listed alphabetically, according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) currency codes. You may want to double-check that your primary currency isn’t already listed.

It’s unlikely that your bank won’t accept any of the available currencies. If that’s the case, use a different bank account.

What does the message, "The account you provided does not accept payments" mean?

Some bank accounts can’t receive incoming funds electronically. We don’t support those bank accounts. You’ll need to provide a bank account that can accept payments electronically.

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