Why is an ISAN required for content sold in Switzerland?

In order to comply with a new law in Switzerland, we are now required to report the ISAN or V-ISAN values of films that are rented or sold on our platform and meet the following requirements:

  1. The film is over 60 minutes long; and
  2. The film was released on iTunes (EST or VOD) after 1 January 2017; or the film already has an ISAN

ISAN values need to be delivered to iTunes by August 1st, 2017.

How can I find out if my title already has an ISAN?

ISAN grants free access and search rights to the database on their website. You can search by titles individually or through a bulk search. If you purchase a registration, ISAN will do this research for you.

Is there a cost associated with registering a title with ISAN?

Joining ISAN is free. However, ISAN charges to register titles in its database. This price is dependent on the volume of titles you would like to submit and which ISAN subsidiary you choose to work with.

How do I find the best ISAN subsidiary to work with?

There are 16 subsidiaries appointed by ISAN to register titles. We advise you pick the agency that best fit your proximity, language, and pricing needs.

How do I deliver ISAN values to iTunes?

ISAN values can be delivered to iTunes via a metadata update (XML) or in iTunes Connect by clicking on the edit button of the Worldwide Metadata tab of the movie you wish to update.

Note that you can only update the existing ISAN value of a title in iTunes Connect and not in Transporter.

I only have V-ISANs, can I use them?

Yes, V-ISAN values are now being accepted in addition to ISAN values. You can send V-ISAN values for your titles in the ISAN metadata field.

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