What are the tools I need to create and deliver movie content?

You can find all of the available tools including Parallax Previewer, Parallax Exporter, and Transporter in the Tools section. You must be signed in to iTunes Connect in order to download Transporter.

How do I format my XML for delivery to iTunes?

Use Transporter to download the schema and see the iTunes Film Package Specification.

What are the requirements for poster art?

Poster art should be at least 1400 x 2100 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 2:3, and delivered in high-quality JPG format.

How soon before the scheduled launch date should I deliver my film?

Films are due four weeks before the Tuesday of launch week, no matter what day of the week the film launches. Films go through iTunes Quality Control to find potential issues and get them resolved. The film’s metadata goes through a final review to ensure it is correct and complies with iTunes standards. It typically takes four weeks for a film to go live, though the timeline for individual content may vary.

Why must I deliver a WW (Worldwide) trailer and poster art?

Having a worldwide trailer and poster art allows these items to be made available as a fallback in any territory if a territory-specific trailer or poster art is missing.

When placing a title in the iTunes Store, our system searches first for the poster art that matches the territory in which the title was cleared for sale. If our system does not find a territory-specific trailer and poster art, it will then search for WW versions. As soon as it finds a match, our system will place the title and accompanying trailer and poster art in the iTunes Store. If no match is found, the title will not be placed in the iTunes Store.

When do I need to deliver trailers and poster art in the Worldwide Metadata and in the Art by Country panes?

You have to deliver a trailer and poster art for worldwide use before your movie can be made available on the iTunes Store.

Poster art must be delivered in Art by Country for the following territories:

  • Japan
  • Russia
  • India

For more details, see the iTunes Package Film Specification in Resources and Help.

What do I do if my movie doesn't have a rating?

Movies sold on the iTunes Store must have a rating. If your movie didn't receive a rating from an official ratings board, we recommend you use Unrated, which is the most restrictive rating.

Note that content with some ratings, such as Unrated, can't be made available in certain territories.

Is 5.1 audio required for HD movies?

In most cases, yes.

  • For HD versions of EST (Extended Sell Through) movies, 5.1 audio is always required.
  • For HD versions of VOD (Video On Demand) movies, 5.1 audio is required if it's also available on physical media like the DVD or Blu-ray of your movie.

What are Minimum Storefront Requirements?

To improve the quality of the content offered on the iTunes Store, certain territories must meet a set of minimum requirements for movies. Refer to the latest version of the iTunes package Film spec for a list of the territories that have minimum storefront requirements.

What file type and codec is required for iTunes?

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) is required for Film content.

Are chapters required?

Yes. iTunes strives to offer an outstanding experience when compared to physical media, such as DVDs. It is critical that navigation (for example, descriptive chapter titles and chapter images) be included.

What types of movies can I offer on iTunes?

iTunes accepts feature-length motion pictures or documentaries that were initially released either in theaters or directly to video, as well as short films of theatrical or DVD quality.

The iTunes Store does not accept adult movies, how-to videos, user-generated content, and other video types that are not normally considered to be motion pictures or documentaries.

Concert films are available in the Music section of the iTunes Store. To offer concert films, complete the music application.

Movies must be provided in the language(s) of the territory you are applying to distribute in, or they must be dubbed or subtitled in the language(s) of that territory.

What are the requirements for a movie synopsis?

Be sure to describe the specific events of the movie. Don't include advertising for physical media (like a DVD) or any other promotional copy. Don't add any commentary that doesn't relate to the plot.

Learn more in the iTunes Store Movies Data Standards and Style Guide available in Resources and Help.

What is the iTunes package format and what should be included for a full delivery?

Films delivered to iTunes must be in a .itmsp package and include at minimum a metadata.xml, video source, captions (if required) a preview, and poster art. Optional components are: subtitles (.itt), dub cards, and alternate audio.

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