Why am I getting an error saying "The following fields have exceeded their maximum allowable length"?

If you are receiving this error message, one or more of your metadata field is too long. If you are within the character limit for a metadata field, you could be using double-byte characters (such as accented or non-Roman alphabet characters). The character limit for all metadata fields is for single-byte characters (non-accented, Roman alphabet). If you are using double-byte characters, fewer characters are allowed.

To fix this issue, reduce the number of characters you are using in the metadata field. Refer to the Film Specifications to learn more about limitations of each metadata field. You can find the Film Specifications in the Advanced Specifications module of iTunes Connect.

What if I can’t deliver my package to iTunes due to a network problem?

First verify that you are using the latest version of Transporter. Then use the Diagnostic Mode as detailed in the Transporter User Guide. If the diagnostics fail, Transporter will log the reason for the failure. Note that the required ports used by Transporter are listed in the Transporter User Guide.

What is a scratch encode?

A scratch encode is a low-resolution copy of the feature film asset that was delivered to iTunes. Scratch encodes can help you to match alternate audio, closed captions, and subtitles to movies already delivered to iTunes.

Scratch encodes are available in My Movies. You can also find a scratch encode with a metadata lookup in Transporter.

Why doesn't Transporter allow me to download the scratch encode for my movie?

A scratch encode is generated for all new movies delivered to iTunes. Scratch encodes may not be available for older content. If you can't download a scratch encode, submit a ticket.

Can I change the locale value of my film?

Yes. To change the locale value of your film, you must first remove the asset with the previous locale value, and then redeliver the asset with the new locale value.

To remove the asset, set the attribute <remove> to "true" in the source data block of the XML. To re-deliver the asset with the correct locale, include another data file element block. In both blocks, the locale, role, filename, size, and checksum elements are required.

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