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Work with Apple Music

Apple works directly with labels and distributors that have extensive music catalogs. If you’re an independent artist or a label with a smaller catalog, you must partner with an Apple-preferred distributor or encoding house to submit your music to Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Labels and distributors working with Apple have access to several tools to deliver your music, music videos, and concert films, including iTunes Producer, and for select providers, Transporter. All partners can use iTunes Connect to manage content.

Music distribution

Digital distributors and encoding houses connect artists to Apple, getting music from recording studios, video sets, and concerts directly to Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Preferred distributors manage the relationship between artists and streaming services, such as Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Apple evaluates all approved distributors to ensure they consistently meet strict delivery targets and have the necessary tools and expertise for music distribution. Apple and other digital streaming platforms pay distributors for streams and sales. Those distributors then pay artists and all associated personnel for their musical contributions.

Preferred encoding houses do not have a contractual relationship with Apple and instead assist distributors with the technical aspects of distributing music, music videos, and concert films. Essentially, encoding houses convert complex media files into an acceptable format for digital streaming platforms. Some distributors also serve as encoding houses.

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