Get Started

Access iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect is a web-based tool that allows you to manage your deliveries to Apple Music and the iTunes Store. You’ll use the iTunes Connect platform to access streams and sales reports, manage users, and more.

Depending on the role assigned to your Apple ID, you may have access to the following features in iTunes Connect:

  • My Music: Edit metadata, adjust release dates, edit territory rights and pricing information, and request and download catalog reports.
  • My Music Videos: Search, manage, and monitor the status of your delivered music videos.
  • My Movies: See the status of your movies and concert films to make changes to your content.
  • Tickets: Manage and monitor tickets that were issued or opened for your music.
  • Sales and Trends: View and download your sales reports.
  • Payments and Financial Reports: View and download your financial reports.
  • Users and Access: View users on your account and opt in or out of email notifications. Admins can add users, assign roles, and remove users.
  • Agreements, Tax, and Banking: Set up or view tax and banking information. Request the latest agreements, and review and accept the latest terms as they become available.
  • Resources and Help: Find articles to help ensure your account is set up correctly, guidelines to help create and submit your work, and suggestions for marketing your content and maximizing your presence on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Set up your iTunes Connect account

Log in to iTunes Connect and do the following:

  1. Set up Agreements, Tax, and Banking. If the U.S. Tax ID does not match your application, it may result in a TIN Match fail.
  2. Set up users and assign roles.
  3. Download iTunes Producer.
  4. Review the Apple Music Style Guide and iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide to learn more about delivery.

Already a distributor?

If you distribute other digital media, such as apps or Apple Books, you can use the same U.S. Tax ID and legal entity name when signing up to deliver music, music videos, or concert films.

Your Apple ID can be added to multiple iTunes Connect accounts so you can access other content types, such as apps, music, TV, or movies. Use the same Apple ID to sign in and switch easily between content types.