Manage Your Release

Check your delivery status

Our Quality Assurance team reviews every release. After you have delivered your music package, it is your responsibility to review the status to ensure a successful release onto Apple Music or the iTunes Store.

Catalog Reports

Catalog Reports help ensure that things are going smoothly with your music, before and after it is delivered to Apple Music and the iTunes Store. These reports provide a quick and easy way to verify information, understand why a release is hidden, review missing assets for pre-orders, and get a list of any tickets that need to be actioned. Reports can be requested once per day and are available for 30 days. The .txt file can be downloaded by requesting a report.

Request Catalog Reports in iTunes Connect

  1. In iTunes Connect, click My Music.
  2. Click Reports, on the top right side of the page.
  3. Click Request Reports.
  4. Select the report you want to generate and click Submit.
  5. When the report is ready, you’ll receive an email. You can also go back to Reports in My Music and click “Available for download.”

Release statuses

You can view the status of your release in iTunes Connect. It may include any of the following:

  • On Store: The music is live on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. If your status is On Store and you cannot find it, go to My Music in iTunes Connect and click View on iTunes Store or View on Apple Music. Delivery processing can take up to 24 hours for music to appear on storefronts.
  • Ready for Store: The music is ready for release on the sales start date.
  • Not On Store: The release is not live on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Apple reserves the right to hide a release if it does not comply with the Apple Music Style Guide or for legal reasons.

For the status of multiple products, download a Catalog Report or use Status mode in Transporter.

Storefront visibility

If your music is not on Apple Music or the iTunes Store when you believe it should be, we encourage you to go to My Music in iTunes Connect and select View on iTunes Store or View on Apple Music to confirm any issues with Apple Music or the iTunes Store links.

Here are some common reasons why your music is not live:

  • The sales start date is incorrect. Confirm the status of your delivery in iTunes Connect.
    • Make sure the status column displays On Store.
    • Verify the sales start date and update it if it’s incorrect.
  • Your submission is still processing. Delivery processing can take up to 24 hours. If the status is On Store, but the sales start date has passed, it may still be processing.
  • You have an open ticket. If you’ve been ticketed for cover art, metadata, or audio issues, go to Tickets to resolve the issue.

We encourage you to become familiar with the Apple Music Style Guide and the iTunes Connect Music Ticketing User Guide to avoid any delays in your release being live on our storefronts.

Expedite a release

Flags allow you to expedite your release. Distributors or labels are allowed a certain number of priority flags per week. Do not rely solely on flagging to expedite a release. We strongly recommend delivering your release as early as possible to avoid any interruptions.

Your flagging allowance appears in iTunes Connect on the upper-right side of the My Music page underneath Reports. If you do not see a flagging allowance, contact your Technical Account Representative.