Getting Started

Learn the basics about iTunes Connect and book delivery.

Apple Books Publisher User Guide

How to prepare and deliver your book to Apple Books.

Marketing Your Book

Learn about our affiliate program, tools like Link Maker and Banner Builder, badge art, and more.

Preparing Your Books

Detailed instructions for creating and preparing your books.

Apple Books Formatting Guidelines

How to create and format books, art, and metadata and avoid common mistakes.

Apple Books Asset Guide

Learn about compliance standards for audio, video, images, and EPUBs.

Apple Books Book Package Specification

How to use XML specifications for books.

Apple Books EPUB Example

Features, formatting suggestions, and requirements for EPUBs on Apple Books.

Apple Books Fixed Layout EPUB Example

How to format fixed-layout EPUBs, such as art books and children's books. Includes examples of Apple Books JavaScript library.

Delivering Your Books

Detailed instructions for delivering your books.

Transporter User Guide

How to use Transporter to get a large catalog of books on Apple Books.

iTunes Store Package Specification Schema Validation Guide

How to validate metadata XML files using iTunes Relax NG schemas.

Using iTunes Connect

Tips and guides to get the most out of iTunes Connect and how to manage your books.

iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide

How to use Sales and Trends to see how your books are doing.

Reporter User Guide

How to use Reporter to download your reports.

iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide

How to read the reports and get the most out of them.

Preparing Your Audiobooks

Detailed instructions for creating and preparing your audiobooks.

Audiobooks Specifications

Use the Apple Audiobook Package to format and deliver your audiobook content to the Store.

Audiobooks Style Guide

Format your audio files, art, and metadata for the optimal listener experience and discovery.